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You Can Train Better


Are aches, pains, and soreness keeping you from achieving your goals?

Runners have different motivations. Whether you run for fun, for the spirit of competition, for weight loss, or any other reason, an injury can ruin months of training in an instant.

Frustrated by injuries?

At Sleek Running, you’ll learn how proper running form prevents injuries and how you can implement proper form into your own running.

We are here to keep you from getting injured. We want to make sure you know what proper running form is and why it’s important.

This way, you can ensure that you stay healthy.

Would you like to actually enjoy running?

As you learn proper form, you’ll realize that not only are you running injury free, but you’re running easier, lighter, and faster than you ever have before.

Does running faster with less effort sound good to you?

It’s not too complicated, but it does take a little bit of focus to change the way you run. You’ll reap the benefits immediately.

Conventional wisdom says that your lower body will break down after years of running.

Say goodbye to problems with your arches and feet, shin splints, stiff knees, hip pain, and all of the other nagging injuries you’ve been conditioned to believe are inevitable.  Learn to listen to the feedback your body is giving you, and you’ll be able to run injury free for good.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

Some things we cover:

  • Common injuries
  • Conventional wisdom vs Newer research
  • Shoes and Barefoot running
  • Physical and mental aspects of running form
  • How to implement proper form
  • Drills
  • Training tips

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