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Archive for October, 2012

October 30th, 2012

Finding “The Zone” – How Runners Achieve Flow

Chart Describing FlowTo some, running is a chore, a punishment, a burden, or a necessary evil. Those people probably aren’t visiting this website. Competitive and the majority of recreational runners run because they want to – not because they are forced. But, even though most runners choose to run, not everyone truly enjoys or loves it. People have different motivations, whether they think it will help them lose weight, get healthy, contribute to a cause – some ulterior motive.

Long-time runners love running. Many of them speak of running as a “release” or a “way to decompress”. Still others use it as a way to spur creativity, or as a way to focus on a single thing for a period of time. The one thing that all of these responses have in common is that at they are all non-competitive reasons. They all come from a place of zen-like calmness, not competitiveness. So if these people can learn to enjoy running, there is no reason that you can’t learn from them. Let’s explore this concept further.

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October 23rd, 2012

Don’t Be a Badass

Don't Be A BadassLots of runners run through injuries.

Don’t do it.

It’s one of the dumbest things you can do.

Yes, I know that you’ve got goals. I know you want to set a PR, lose that weight, and take out the frustrations of the daily grind on the black top. But don’t do it. Rest, and do whatever you can to recover.

This is a huge problem for runners of all demographics. Even I, someone who preaches this, sometimes have trouble telling myself to back off.

But you have to do it.

Why is this? We all know psychologically that if we aren’t healthy, we can’t perform well enough to accomplish our goals. But so many of us, especially those of us who grew up as athletes, were taught to ignore pain, push through and finish strong. Not doing so meant you were lazy, weak, or didn’t have the will to succeed.

And you know what? Maybe to a degree, that’s true. It’s considered honorable to fight to achieve your goals. It gives a great sense of personal satisfaction to achieve a goal. And it gives you even more personal satisfaction during the journey, because you know you’ve got the guts to put yourself out there, even if you fail.

Now, are we done with the macho talk? Okay, good. Let’s think about this logically for a minute.

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October 16th, 2012

Training Tips: Diagonals

Runners practicing their speed. Diagonals are a drill best run on a football or soccer field, but any grassy rectangular field will do. They can help you:

  • Practice and fine-tune your running form – at both slow and fast speeds
  • Help racers develop a finishing kick (the ability to sprint at the end of a distance race)
  • Improve your speed
  • Use interval training to improve your stamina more quickly

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October 9th, 2012

Our Best Tweets – September 2012

We’ve worked hard to build a Twitter account (@sleekrunning) that shares not only articles from our own site, but articles from other websites and tweets from around the internet. Our mission is to help keep you healthy so you can enjoy running while achieving your goals. Wherever we find the best information, we’ll share it with you – no matter who it’s from. Here are our best tweets from September.

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October 2nd, 2012

Running Form Tips – Lean

Runner @ Hyde Park Leaning forward can make an immediate impact on your running form, in a very positive way. Here are some quick tips to improve your lean.

  1. Keep your back straight (refer to our torso tips).
  2. Lean forward at the ankles, not the waist. Click to continue reading…