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Archive for Reviews

September 18th, 2012

A Look at the New Nike Plus for Runners

Nike Plus DashboardBack in June, we wrote a review about the Nike Plus SportBand and it’s website, Nike Plus. The review was mainly about the SportBand, not the website that tracked all of your data. Right before the review was published, Nike announced that they would revamp the Nike Plus website in anticipation of it’s new line of shoes and products to promote something called Nike Fuel – a supposed metric they developed that would allow you to track ALL of your movement to come up with a true measure of how active you really are. This update also promised to not disrupt the Nike Plus running community, which would receive the additional Nike Fuel measure and a new and improved user experience on the website. We were skeptical of the proposed changes to go along with the marketing push, but after some initial usage, it appears to be improved.

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June 19th, 2012

Tracking Your Runs – Nike Plus SportBand Review

One of the keys to being a successful runner is following a training plan. And, unless you’ve hired a coach, to follow that training plan you’re going to need to track your runs. There is a lot of equipment out there to help you track your runs. One of these is the Nike Plus system. It is a cost-effective alternative to a true GPS watch. It uses a chip that you place in your Nike shoe, which links to the SportBand. Instead of measuring your location from a satellite, the chip measures the length of time and force your foot strikes the ground with to determine how fast and far you’re moving.

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