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Our Best Tweets – December 2012

We’ve worked hard to build a Twitter account (@sleekrunning) that shares not only articles from our own site, but articles from other websites and tweets from around the internet. Our mission is to help keep you healthy so you can enjoy running while achieving your goals. Wherever we find the best information, we’ll share it with you – no matter who it’s from.

Here are our best tweets from December.

  • December 1- MT @runnersworldza: Training can sap physical & mental resources.Take at least 2 breaks a year after a big race or if you feel worn down.

Taking some time off can actually make you better/faster/healthier. It gives your body time to recover from the stress you’ve inflicted upon it. Even if you don’t have an injury, resting can help you heal anything that was brewing or “about to pop” as an injury. Resting can also supercharge your performance. This is why elite runners tend to taper their training as they get closer to competition. They’re trying to become well rested.

*This is a modified tweet (doing your best to keep the author’s original intent but modifying it slightly to fit the 140 character limit – acknowledged with MT as opposed to RT).

  • December 22 – Quick Tip: Running in place can help you practice proper foot strike #runningform

It’s always good to be reminded that running in place is a very easy way for you to practice good form. You can work on your balance, cadence, foot strike, and posterior chain quickly, easily, and effectively.

  • December 28 – Self-Reporting study finds minimalist runners 3.5x less likely to get injured:

Another study recently came out that states minimalist runners are less likely to get injured than those in traditionally shod shoes. This does not establish causation between forefoot striking and fewer injuries, but it does add another piece to a growing body of corollary evidence suggesting that minimalist running can be safer despite the reduced cushion in the shoes.

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January 8th, 2013
Written By: Brett

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