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Posts Tagged ‘running form tips’

July 13th, 2012

Running Form Tips – Torso

Tips For Your Torso

Use these quick tips to make immediate improvements to your running form!

  1. Keep your back straight. Do not bend it. Stand tall.
  2. “Straight” does not mean “vertical”. Your back needs to be flat, but you should be leaning slightly forward from the ankles.
  3. Do not tense your back. Keep it straight, but not tense. Relax. Click to continue reading…
May 25th, 2012

Running Form Tips – Posture: Hip Location

Hips and Posture

Use these quick tips to make immediate improvements to your running form!

  1. Do not bend the small of your back. Stand tall.
  2. Keep your hips relaxed. This may be difficult but it’s possible and if you need to practice, do so. Click to continue reading…
April 27th, 2012

Running Form Tips: Cadence and Stride

Cadence and Stride

Use these quick tips to make immediate improvements to your running form!

  1. You’re probably over striding. Especially if you’ve never thought about or practiced your running form before. Shorten your stride. Just do it.
  2. Shoot for 180 strides per minute. Yes, that many. I’ve heard the optimal number is 182, but I’ve never gotten a good explanation of why exactly 182 is “perfect”. Anything around 180 is fine. Click to continue reading…
April 3rd, 2012

Running Form Tips: Arms and Hands

How to Hold Your Arms and Hands

  1. Touch your thumb to your middle finger with a firm but gentle pressure. This will keep your hands and forearms relaxed but not too loose. Relaxing is very important to good running form. Don’t make a fist (too tight) or let your hands and arms flop around (too loose).
  2. Your arms are mostly for balance. Swing them front-to-back, not side-to-side. It is very common to rotate your arms left and right – it ends up turning your entire torso, wasting energy and knocking you off-balance. Click to continue reading…
March 2nd, 2012

Another Exciting Announcement: Running Form Tips Series

Get Ready For Our New Series of Articles on Running Form

Until now, Sleek Running has given away tons of advice, mostly centered around the following message: “If you want to stay injury-free, using good running form will help you do so. And, as little extra bonus, you’ll be more efficient, so you can go longer or faster with the same amount of effort.”

Click to continue reading…