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Training Tips: Hill Repeats

Olympic SprintersSprinting is an old exercise that has become recently become extremely popular – studies have shown that high-intensity exercise helps your body burn fat at an accelerated rate. As a result, personal trainers around the world have adopted sprints of all kinds as a “shortcut” to their cardio. Their favorite exercise for maximum fat burn – the Hill Repeat. Doing these will help you:

  • Work on your form
  • Improve your speed
  • Improve your endurance and stamina
  • Help you develop a kick
  • Help you lose weight (if you need to)

How to Do Hill Repeats

  • Find a big, steep hill
  • Start at the bottom
  • Sprint to the top
  • Run back down slowly and in a controlled fashion
  • Keep doing them

We recommend doing at least ten per session, but it really depends on how long the hill is. On smaller hills you may be able to do many more. Treat these are part of a speed workout, rather than a drill at the beginning or end of your regular run. If you live in an area with poor weather or are unable to get outside, don’t use a treadmill program. Instead, find a building with several flights of stairs you can use.

Why You Should Do Them

Hill Repeats are an interval workout. You exercise with a period of all-out intensity (sprinting uphill), followed by a period of recovery (running downhill slowly). As athletes are a discovery, this is a way to quickly improve your speed and endurance, something traditional distance running doesn’t necessarily do. What never gets mentioned is that they are hard. Really hard. Possibly the hardest workout you can do.This is not going to be a fun workout. But remember, they really are a “hack” to better results. You can get immediate improvement in both your running and in your overall health.

This post is a part of our Training Tips series, where you can find tips on drills, exercises, and general training. Click here to see the full series.

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January 15th, 2013
Written By: Brett

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