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U.S. Army-Baylor – Minimalist Runners Report Fewer Injuries

Running at NightAnother study has been published suggesting that minimalist runners experience fewer running injuries. Just a few short years ago, there was no scientific evidence that running barefoot or minimalist could help you prevent injuries. If anything, the thought seemed ludicrous. Yet here we sit, with a new study that notes that runners in traditional shoes are getting injured nearly 3.5x more than those wearing minimalist shoes.

The study concludes that, \”Barefoot and minimalist shoe wearers reported a more anterior foot strike than traditionally shod runners. Traditionally shod runners were more likely to report injuries of the lower extremities than runners who wear minimalist shoes. Additional longitudinal prospective research is required to examine injury incidence among various foot strike patterns and shoe preferences.\”

It\’s still important to note that correlation does not imply causation and this is not explicit evidence that minimalist running will keep you healthy. The study was self-reported and those who participated may have preexisting biases about the effect their shoes have on their health.

That said, this is another piece of a growing body of evidence that suggests minimalist running encourages runners to run with a forefoot strike (some refer to it as midfoot). It also suggests that a forefoot strike is part of an overall style of form that ultimately results in far fewer injuries.

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Here is an article about this most recent study from Runner\’s World.

Here is a link to the study on PubMed.

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December 25th, 2012
Written By: Brett

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